JustLaws Scores Two Legislative Victories



Philadelphia, December 6, 2012: Today, the Philadelphia City Council unanimously enacted Bill No. 120532 known as “The Complete Streets Bill” that JustLaws helped draft on behalf of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. The bill has been touted as a “model example of cooperative legislation and one which will make long-lasting improvements to the safety and livability of Philadelphia's streets and sidewalks.”

While we have defeated bills in City Council, this is the first time in our 40-year history that a bill sponsored by the Bicycle Coalition has been passed by City Council, said Alex Doty, the Bicycle Coalition’s Executive Director.

Sarah Clark Stuart, the Bicycle Coalition’s Policy Director described JustLaws’ impact: I'm very grateful that we were able to take advantage of JustLaws' services.  It would have been a much different bill without Steve's help."

Today, the Philadelphia City Council also unanimously passed an amendment to Bill No 120430, which contains key amendments drafted by JustLaws on behalf of Scenic Philadelphia. The amendments help communities ensure that digital and animated signs will not interfere with the quality of life of the city’s residents and the enjoyment of Philadelphia’s parks, playgrounds and other public spaces.

Mary Tracy, Scenic Philadelphia’s Executive Director, credited JustLaws with this victory: JustLaws delivered impressive results for us in record time. You not only helped us get our legislative priorities added to the accessory sign code, but you also made sure we now have a seat at the table to help draft the city’s new billboard code.”