Government Relations

2452627_0.jpgStay in control with JustLaws:

To get the legislation you really want, the legislation that meets all of your organization’s needs and goals - you need someone who can give you an inside track, someone whose deep relationships with all of the key policy makers comes from years of working side by side with them.

You can have the best strategy, the most compelling arguments and the strongest coalition, but if you don’t control the language of your bill, you’ve just handed off control of the most important component of your campaign to a legislator which unfortunately, more times than not, means that the bill that ultimately gets introduced is no longer the bill you really want.

That’s why you need JustLaws.

We will work closely with your non-profit or business to research your policy options and develop a piece of legislation or legislative amendment that effectively and comprehensively addresses all of your needs and goals. We’ll deliver a final version of your bill that is ready for introduction by the legislative sponsor of your choice.

And perhaps most importantly, we’ll support you throughout the legislative process to make sure that your bill’s language remains true to your vision. We work closely with Councilmembers and their staff to ensure they have the facts and arguments to resist efforts to dilute or undermine your legislation and to secure their support for your vision.

You invest so many resources into organizing and winning your legislative campaigns. Why risk it all by giving away control over the most critical element – the language of the bill – when you can have the JustLaws advantage?

Contact JustLaws today to discuss how we can help advance your legislative agenda at 484.483.3344 or send Steve an email at